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Psalm 22 is a psalm of lament by an innocent individual par excellence. It seems that the current understanding of psalm 22 within judaism deals with the plight of the jewish nation in exile. The psalmists present distress is contrasted with gods past mercy in ps 22. Psalms 22 commentary john gills exposition on the whole bible.

The most complete jewish effort to connect psalm 22 with a salvational figure besides david was to the life of esther, quoting psalm 22. Psalm 22 happens to be my favorite of all the psalms, so im wrote on this one as a separate study. On the night before his crucifixion, jesus prayed a glorious prayer, and one line of that prayer reads. His sufferings are copiously described from the beginning of the psalm to verse 22. The only thing observable in the title of this psalm is the sense of the words aijeleth shahar, left untranslated. The prophecies of psalm 22 psalm 22 is a particularly appropriate passage of the hebrew bible in which to commence a search for a hidden revelation of the messiah, starting with his name yeshua, meaning the lord saves, and his title messiah anointed one in the original hebrew. This psalm, as it sets out the sufferings of christ to the full, so also his three great offices. The prophetical office of christ, from verse 22 to verse 25. Apr 14, 2017 at a basic structural level, the psalm juxtaposes a lament verses 121, framed by you do not answer in verse 2 and you have answered me nrsv rescued, but see the margin in verse 21 and a thanksgiving verses 2231, framed by i will tell in verse 22 and proclaim in verse 31. The shepherd psalms psalms 22, 23, and 24 the basis of confidence psalms 25, 26, and 27 prayers and praises psalms 28 to 31 the blessed man psalm 32 a call to worship psalm 33 the radiant life psalm 34 fellowship with the holy one psalms 35, 36, and 37 mans failure and gods grace psalms 38 and 39 the psalm of the burnt. This is apparently a reference to the use of psalms in the temple liturgy.

Psalms 22 n a casual reading of psalms 22, either in the. Psalms sermon by ken puls delivered at grace baptist church, cape coral, florida july 29, 2012. Anyone familiar with the scourging and crucifixion of jesus christ can see the obvious parallels, and the writers of the gospel accountsespecially matthewbring them out through direct quotations of this psalm. All our praises must refer to the work of redemption. The paucity of latterday saint commentary on psalm 22, especially when compared with com mentary on the other great, extended prophecy. The church has long regarded psalms 22 as a prophetic messianic psalm that describes the agony of the passion psalms 22. Psalm 22 is a prayer of complaint that, perhaps more than any psalm, serves as a link between the old testament and the story of jesus passion. The shepherd psalms psalms 22, 23, and 24 plymouth. Psalms 22 commentary, one of over 110 bible commentaries freely available, this commentary, by the leading authority in the church of christ, presents a verse level look at the bible. Biblical laments typically include 1 a complaint, 2. There are parts that follow the pattern of a lament psalm 12, 67, 1118, a psalm of trust 45, 810, 1921, 2634, and a psalm of praise 3, 22 25. Psalm 22 is the 22nd psalm of the book of psalms, generally known in english by its first verse. A window into the mind of christ from psalm 22 we are now only. Psalm 22 the good shepherd on earth, in death john 10.

Spurgeon preached a sermon faith among mockers where he considered the implication of this word against the forsaken one, he trusted in the lord, let him. Psalms 22 commentary matthew henry commentary on the whole. The song is to be sung to the tune hind of dawn, in a. This psalm is a lamenta literary form expressing sorrow over a loss. Psalm 23 the great shepherd, in heaven, by resurrection hebrews. Psalms 22 commentary james burton coffman commentaries. The first part describes the passion of christ, the second part describes his glorification and its benefits, which clearly lay hold of us on account of the passion of christ.

Psalm 22 has been a favorite of mine for many years, the reason being because of its wonderful messianic thrust. At the bottom of the matrix, the words elyon m eaning the highest and melekh meaning king intersect. Why art thou so far from helping me, from the words of my groaning. This seems to refer to the miraculous conception of christ, who was the son of god, in a sense in which no other man ever was, being formed, as to his human nature, by the power of god, in the womb of a pure virgin. The first words of the complaint were used by christ himself upon the cross. If you are using one of the bibles provided on the backs of the chairs in front you, psalm 22 is found on page 457. Additional commentary for psalm 22, the quintessential psalm of lament. There are a number of laments in hebrew scripture, to include several psalms of lament as well as the book of lamentations. Sidebyside renditions of key verses in psalms 22 are displayed in table ii1.

One of these days, lord willing, ill write a commentary on. That which is foretold about his vows verse 25, hath respect to his priestly function. Psalm 22 the servant of god forsaken, rescued, and triumphant. The last third is an invitation to praise god ps 22.

Yeshua, meaning the lord saves, and his title messiah anointed one in the original. Why are you so far from saving me, so far from the words of my groaning. There are combinations of different words, hidden in psalm 22. There, as here, israel is called a worm, isaiah 41. Tehillim psalms chapter 22 tanakh online torah bible. The book of psalms is the third section of the hebrew bible, and a book of the christian old testament. For christ alone is the meaning, content and goal of all scripture christ, who sets his gospel. Yet thou art holy, enthroned on the praises of israel. Indeed, this psalm is an appropriate lectionary reading for good friday because the gospels cite and allude to it at least five times in the crucifixion account. Our adult sunday school class started considering the book of psalms in january of 2015. To the chief musician upon aijeleth shahar, a psalm of david. Perhaps the easiest way to see david as a prophet is to survey one of his most clearly prophetic psalms, psalm 22. The new american standard bible update 1995 easier to read.

Psalm 22 is the 22nd psalm of the book of psalms, generally known in english by its first verse, in the king james version, my god, my god, why hast thou forsaken me. The gospel and its benefits are liberation from sin and. Psalm 22 into the tapestry of old testament messianic prophecy. Pdf a literarystructural analysis of psalm 22 ernst. David guzik commentary on psalm 22 describes the agony of one who is forsaken, but then rescued he finally with praise god. The suffering and the glory of psalm 22 ligonier ministries. Standard christian sources, such as commentaries by matthew henry mh and. Read psalm 22 commentary using the treasury of david.

Psalms 22 commentary matthew henry commentary on the. I have declared to them your name, and will declare it john 17. It contains so many powerful thoughts regarding the savior, and his death on our behalf, that the christian cannot but be stirred by it. Psalm 22 commentary by jerome creach working preacher. Thus six words in psalm 89, giving the titles and origin of the messiah, the son of god, are revealed in the psalm 22 matrix. We can say that this is a psalm sung to the greatest musician, to an unknown tune, by the sweet psalmist of israel 2 samuel 23. Study guide for psalm 22 by david guzik blue letter bible. Plea for deliverance from suffering and hostility to the choirmaster.

Standard older ot commentaries in which psalm 22 receives extended attention include. Study the bible online using commentary on psalm 22 and more. These words were first uttered by david, and david was speaking for all of gods people. Psalm 22 rsvce plea for deliverance from suffering and. Much of it is expressly applied to christ in the new testament, all of it may be applied to him, and some. The spirit of christ, which was in the prophets, testifies in this psalm, as clearly and fully as any where in all the old testament, the sufferings of christ and the glory that should follow. The craftsmanship of its poetry, the boldness of its images, and the sweep of its historical scope all contribute to this impression. And we continued on in that series for about six months ending at psalm 20 at which point we turned our attention to the book of ecclesiastes. It could also possibly be translated on the help at daybreak.

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