Sodadownload to close west bank factory by mid-2015

The west bank factory is within an illegal settlement in the israelioccupied territory. Over 700 road obstacles control palestinian movement within the. In october 2015, under pressure from bds activists, sodastream closed its factory in maale adumim. After years of facing boycotts and publicrelations battles, sodastreampurveyor of popular home soda makershas announced that it will be moving its factory from an israeli settlement in the west bank to a small negev town in southern israel. The company says the move will take place by mid2015. Smallsized factories for these products already exist in different areas throughout. Oct 29, 2014 why sodastream will disengage from the west bank. This annexation was considered illegal and was recognized only by britain, iraq and pakistan.

The name west bank is a translation of the arabic term addiffah igarbiyyah, given to the territory west of the jordan river that fell, in 1948, under occupation and administration by jordan, which subsequently annexed it in 1950. Birnbaum has said he doesnt give a hoot where the factory was meant sympathetically, like that hed stay there if palestine became a state. Citing financial reasons, sodastream announced in 2014 that it was closing the west bank factory. From the mid1990s to 2015 many of these, such as amona, avri rans givot olam and maale. Sodastream said it employed up to 600 palestinians there, and had sought to transfer their jobs to the.

The west bank factory officially closed last week, resulting in 470. Sodastream was at the heart of a controversy in the middle east two years ago. The bank of colorado on wednesday completed its acquisition of new west bank of greeley three months after it was first announced. The chief executive of sodastream, the beverage maker that is shuttering its west bank factory in the face of international boycott calls, accused his companys critics wednesday of anti.

Sodastream to pull controversial plant from west bank. British and arab commercial banks operating in the west bank were closed down soon after israel assumed power there. The israeli occupation of the west bank began on 7 june 1967 during the six day war when. Sodastream leaves west bank as ceo says boycott antisemitic and. Sodastream factory shows palestinian bedouins plight news al. The largest net increase was recorded in ramallah governorate with a total of 15. Sodastream to close west bank factory by mid2015 wsj.

When the israeli company left the west bank amid international. As sodastreams stock price fell, major american media outlets debated the ethics of buying the companys machines. Supporters of the factory cite the west banks high unemployment rate and low gdp as. Bank of colorado completes acquisition of new west bank. Sodastream, a maker of home carbonateddrink machines, has more than 20 production facilities globally but its biggest factory is in the mishor adumim industrial park in the west bank. Sodastream ultimately closed its west bank factory in 2015 and moved to a larger plant in the negev desert, although it denied bds played a role and said the new facility had been in the works for years. Sodastream moved its factory from an illegal settlement in the. The term was chosen to differentiate the west bank of the river jordan.

The besieged palestinian agricultural sector unctad. This occurred on a wide scale during the last quarter of 2015. Sodastream also announced a restructuring plan under which it would close its west bank facility in israel and relocate to a new location by mid2015. Sodastream to move factory out of west bank israeli settlement. In wake of poor results, company also will emphasize water instead of sweet drinks.

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