Codigo civil de puerto rico 1930 pdf file

Guide to puerto rican records in the national archives at new york. This publication also contains a comprehensive thematic index. Comentarios al codigo civil manuel albaladejo, silvia. The 1930 nonfarm livestock census of puerto rico is a microfilm publication m1896 consisting. During the semester, i will hand out a table of equivalence for the puerto rico code, the spanish civil code and civil code of louisiana. Comentarios al codigo civil manuel albaladejo, silvia diez.

Titulo iii uniones convivenciales, articulos 509528, del nuevo y vigente codigo civil y. The legal supplement for my seminar is the puerto rico civil code. A brief history of the afroborincano by tony the marine santiago black history in puerto rico initially began with the african freeman who arrived with the spanish conquistadors. Introduction to the civil code fall 1998 professor pedro a. Malavet september 1998 the civil code of puerto rico puerto rico laws annotated title 31. The spaniards enslaved the tainos who were the native inhabitants of the island and. The spaniards enslaved the tainos who were the native inhabitants of the island and many of them died as a result of the cruel treatment that they had received. It became known as puerto rico after 1521, when the city of san juan had been founded and given the islands original name. Matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo en puerto rico wikipedia. By printing and distribution of all laws, the state department fully complies with the obligation. Here, i post only the table of contents of the code, in order to provide you with ideas for paper topics. International academy of commercial and consumer law iaccl y academico. The codigo civil of puerto rico is published only in spanish, but is available in print and ebook format. This is a much cheaper and quite adequate alternative to the translations of the french or spanish codes.

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